Optional Thursday Electives

The following electives are offered on Thursday afternoon …

While some of these document links relate to the 2017 version of this elective, the descriptions remain current for our 2018 event. Updated documents will be available January 2018.

  • Workshop Participants From 2:00 until 3:30pm
    • Maximizing the DaCdb (District Database) (two sections) Have you wondered how to edit your personal profile on DaCdb.com (District and Club DataBase)? Do you know about the NEW Engagment Module, NewMember Form and the category — Prospect? Did you know that if you enter your officers and your information about your club, DaCdb has the ability to upload those to Rotary.org AND you can compare what is on Rotary.org to what is on dacdb in the three areas: member data, officers and club information? How about adding a story with a picture to the home page of DaCdb or creating a bulletin with DaCdb? You can learn all these and more! Come to the Dacdb Thursday Elective! See you there! Agenda for Thursday Elective - DaCdb
    • Club Fundraising Success If you're looking for an interactive, idea-sharing elective to explore options for your club's next fundraiser this event is for you. Led by D7710 PDG Matthew Kane, together you will explore innovative ways to raise funds and identify the 10 Steps to Running an Effective Rotary Fundraiser. Agenda for Thursday Elective - Fundraising
    • Enhancing Your Presentation Skills This interactive session is facilitated by District 7680 PDG Karen Shore with a focus on strengthening your personal presentation style and developing an effective method for leading a club meeting or any speaking engagement. Discover techniques that create rapport with your audience. Agenda for Thursday Elective - Leadership at the Front of the Room

  • From 3:45 until 5:15pm
    • My Rotary/Club Central (two sections) Explore what you wanted (and need) to know about using My Rotary and Rotary Club Central to effectively manage your club! Learn where to report the required entries in Rotary Club Central so you can earn the Presidential Citation. Learn to navigate The Rotary Foundation reports to ensure your club is on track to meeting its goals. Create quick links to just the reports you need and like in your own customized "portal" of Rotary information. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about these important online tools that will enable you to be an effective and efficient club president. Agenda for Thursday Elective - MyRotary & Club Central
    • Risky Business Serving as President of your Rotary Club is like being CEO of a company (without the corner suite and expense account!). You will have the opportunity to plan and participate in many exciting events for your club, but part of your position requires you to guide your club past potential problems. This session will help you minimize risks for your club, understand insurance coverage that your club already has, and what do to if something goes wrong. Resources for future use and step-by-step instructions for accessing online help will be provided. Agenda for Thursday Elective - Risky Business
    • Rotary “101” v2.0 Would you like a "refresher on" or an "introduction to" the basics of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation? Join us as we learn about Rotary. We will cover topics like: Who We Are, What We Do, Our History, Our Structure, Our Foundation, Our Leaders, Our Finances, and Our Partnerships. We will review: How Can I Get Involved? What are our Causes? What are Our Programs? This will be an interactive time to help us learn more about Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation and ways we can get involved as Rotary leaders. Questions are encouraged! Join us for "Rotary 101 v2.0". Agenda for Thursday Elective - Rotary 101