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What is Carolinas' PETS?

First, PETS represents Presidents-Elect Training Seminar. Second, it is Carolinas' because it serves all of the Rotary Clubs in North Carolina and those in the western half of South Carolina — more than 360 clubs. Including the other club and district officers coming together for this training and fellowship opportunity, there are 600 participants.

A premier training event for Rotary leaders, Carolinas' PETS provides information, inspiration, and fellowship. Structured to meet the needs of incoming Club Presidents and Presidents Nominee, incoming Governors Nominee and Assistant Governors, this two and one-half day training seminar is beyond comparison among Rotary training events.

Using inspiring speakers and experienced discussion leaders, this thirty-six year-old event is designed to encourage participation. An intensive training seminar, Carolinas' PETS is structured to enable the participants to extract maximum benefits from the materials presented as well as from each other.

For selected topics, we utilize group sessions based on club size whenever possible. Typically, these are organized into smaller groups of twenty to thirty participants. We feel that this size is conducive to candid discussion of the materials being presented.

Also, there are opportunities for the individual districts to meet as groups. These are times when the district leadership is presenting district specific goals and objectives for the upcoming Rotary year. This setting is a great opportunity to enhance the relationships among the district and club leaders.

The entire program is designed with a focus on learning, inspiration and fellowship.

Who should attend Carolinas' PETS?

Every incoming President-Elect is required by Rotary International to attend PETS (in its entirety) in the spring immediately prior to taking office. Presidents-Nominee are encouraged, but their attendance is optional. The curriculum for the President-Elect is different from that designed for the President Nominee. Attendance at PETS by a President Nominee, does NOT satisfy the attendance requirement when later a President-Elect.

This event requires pre-registration!

Due to planning requirements for meals, materials, and lodging, we cannot accomodate a walk-in participant. Please help us make your Carolinas' PETS experience a positive one by pre-registering using our secure online process.

How do I register & what's included?

Our next event is March 18-20, 2021.

Our on-line registration process with credit card payment will be available beginning November 15th. A confirmation email and receipt is transmitted immediately upon successful registration and payment authorization. Either way, registering for this event before the deadline of January 20th will save you $25!

Registration can be visually confirmed by any participant by going to their respective district's page on this Carolinas' PETS website.

Registration closes on February 20, 2021.

The fee schedule for 2021 PETS will be posted in November. Below was the fee schedule for Carolinas' PETS 2020 if submitted before January 20th. After this date, the registration prices increase by $25.

Below is the fee schedule for Carolinas' PETS if submitted before January 20th. After this date, the registration prices increase by $25.

  • $485 — Private Room The most popular registration option includes all meals and materials for the entire event, and lodging for one person for one night — Friday.
  • $420 — Sharing Lodging means that you are sharing your hotel room with another fully-paid Rotarian participant. You may either tell us who that person is or we will assign you a roommate. After February 10th there are no changes to assigned roommates.
  • $385 — No Lodging Needed includes all meals and materials for one person with no lodging.
  • $175 — Additional Thursday Lodging adds Thursday lodging to your registration; a consideration if you plan to participate in the Thursday Electives.

What meals are included? What if I have special dietary needs? Should my partner come and can they go to the meals?

All meals and breaks are included with event registration. There are four meals: Friday lunch, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch.

Our menu for the four meals provided will be as diverse as is practical for an event with 600 people. Individualized meal plans are not offered. Each entree will include a meat, thus if your need or preference is to exclude meat, please indicate "No meat" at the Dietary Restriction section of the registration form. The hotel will be providing a vegan gluten free plate for all who designate "No meat". If your need is simply to avoid meat on Friday, please type "No-Meat Friday" and the remainder of your meals will be the same of the other participants.

Partners are not encouraged to attend Caolinas' PETS but they can come to the event. They can attend the four meals listed above as long as pre-paid arrangements are made for them at least two weeks prior to the event. Please contact Newman Aguiar via this link to arrange for partner meal tickets. Typically, lunch and breakfast are $35 each and the evening meal is $40.

Thursday options are popular and free!

Six popular electives are offered on Thursday afternoon. Their purpose is to provide an additional opportunity for any club or district officer that would like to participate and they are free. Last year, more than 200 participants attended these Thursday workshops.

Just check the appropriate box on the registration form and sign up for the additional Thursday night lodging should it be needed. From 2:00pm until 3:30pm, choose one of these three options: DACdb, Club Fundraising, and Building a Successful Leadership Team. From 4:00pm until 5:30pm, choose one of these three options: My Rotary/Club Central, Protecting the Rotary Brand (aka Managing Risk), and Rotary “101”.

On the convention center third floor, there will be a place to check-in for these meetings and get a name badge and Thursday agenda as well as directions to the specific meeting rooms being used. Go to dinner (dutch treat) and network with fellow club and district officers after the classes and return to the specified area to attend the cash-bar reception from 8:00pm until 9:30pm.

Click here to see more information about each of these optional Thursday workshops.

How do I prepare?

Beginning in January, every known President-Elect will receive a weekly email message covering a group of topics. Review these materials and you will arrive at Carolinas' PETS prepared for a higher level of discussion. The materials are also available to you as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document on one of this site's Resource pages. In addition to these resources, your district leadership has been encouraged to provide for you a Pre-PETS seminar to help you become engaged in this process as early as January.

What's the dress code?

Business casual. It's a business meeting conducted in a professional manner. Suits are not necessary but shorts and warm-ups are not appropriate. Just find yourself a happy medium. This is a networking opprtunity as much as it is educational. Make a positive impression.

Do I need my notebook or tablet PC at the event?

Only if you are registering to participate in the DaCdb or My Rotary/Club Central electives on Thursday. Otherwise no electronics are needed at Carolinas' PETS. In fact, we actually discourage PCs (even tablets) being brought to the sessions. Our training model is based on discussion, participant interaction, and the sharing of ideas. We are almost technology-free at this event. We want your focus to be on Rotary during the sessions. There are plenty of breaks that can be used for returning messages.

What if I have a conflict with the date of Carolinas' PETS?

Your District Governor-Elect can direct you to another PETS event in a nearby state. Five nearby events are listed on this website's home page. Follow this link to a page of contacts, including your District Governor-Elect.

Is all lodging be at the primary hotel?

Not necessarily. We make every effort to house all participants at the primary hotel, but during peak demand with other events, we sometimes house participants at other nearby properties. If you are placed at a property other than the Sheraton Greensboro, we will inform you of that placement.

Should I contact the hotel about my lodging reservation?

No. We are responsible for all lodging reservations including special needs (as long as you communicate those to us during the registration process). The registration confirmation email from this website is evidence our understanding of your needs. As we guarantee your lodging based on your registration selections, their is no confirmation needed from the hotel.

Where is the primary hotel?

Map to HotelCarolinas' PETS is held at the Sheraton Greensboro Hotel at Four Seasons. The street address of the facility is 3121 West Gate City Boulevard in Greensboro, NC 27407.

Due to continuing changes in directional signs and exits by the NCDOT, we recommend that you consult the various navigational assistance available on the Internet or call the hotel and speak to a staff person regarding specific directions from your route. Please note that not all GPS devices have been updated with the road changes. The Sheraton Greensboro telephone number is (336) 292-9161.

Privacy & cancellation policies

Privacy Policy

We recognize that your privacy is important. This paragraph outlines the types of personal information we collect when you use our registration services, as well as some of the steps we take to safeguard information. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about sharing personal information through the registration process.

Carolinas' PETS collects personal information when you register for our event or otherwise voluntarily provide such information.

You will not be asked for any personal information until you are within one of our secure web pages.

Personal information may be used to meet your requests such as special lodging room needs or dietary needs.

Personal information may be used for auditing or analysis to improve our program and/or services.

Personal information may be shared with third parties such as the hotel or our other vendors.

When third parties assist us in processing your registration information, we require that they comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security issues.

Information may also be shared with third parties in certain circumstances, such as compliance with legal processes.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is simple.

There are no full refunds after February 15th unless the cancellation is caused by death or hospitalization of the participant or immediate family member.

Refunds for lodging fees are available to the extent that lodging reservations can be cancelled without cost to Carolinas' PETS. The hotel cancellation window is 72hrs.

Refunds for the cost of meals and breaks are available to the extent that the meal guarantees have not been submitted to the hotel and such reduction does not result in a cost to Carolinas' PETS. Our meal guarantees are submitted Monday morning of event week.

To convey any cancellation information, please contact Newman Aguiar via this link. After Monday morning of event week, refunding any component of fees becomes more difficult due to the costs already incurred.

Are the four keynote speakers presentations recorded? Are those recordings available for use at a Rotary Club meeting?

Yes, we generally record the featured presentations in the four General Sessions. These are available to club and district leaders from within our website. Please hover your mouse over the "Program" selection on the main navigation bar, then select "Multimedia".

Lots of great photographs are displayed at PETS. Are those photos available?

Yes, PDG Phil and Karen Morris are our official photographers. They volunteer their time and talent to capture hundreds of candid shots. These are available to you for no fee. Please hover your mouse over the "Program" selection on the main navigation bar, then select "Multimedia".

What do these abbreviations mean?

Abbreviation Description
PETS President-Elect Training Seminar
AG Assistant Governor
DG District Governor
DGE District Governor-Elect
DGN District Governor Nominee
PDG Past District Governor
PE President-Elect
PN President Nominee (in some clubs, Vice President)
RI Rotary International
TRF The Rotary Foundation
VP Vice President